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Informal education 4e

Informal education. Conversation, democracy and learning

The fourth edition of Informal Education is nearly ready. Substantially rewritten, it explores the processes and rewards of informal education in changing times.

Recent books and articles

UpdatedWhat is a group? In this article I review the development of theory about groups. We look at some different definitions of groups, and some of the key dimensions to bear in mind when thinking about them.

UpdatedWhat is group work? While many practitioners may describe what they do as ‘groupwork’, they often have only a limited appreciation of what groupwork is and what it entails. In this piece I introduce groups and group work, define some key aspects, and suggest areas for exploration. In particular we focus on the process of working with groups.

UpdatedWhat is teaching? I explore the nature of teaching – those moments or sessions where we make specific interventions to help people learn to go beyond the given and know possibility. This is set within a discussion of pedagogy and didactics and demonstrates that we need to unhook consideration of the process of teaching from the role of ‘teacher’ in schools.

Youth work and faith

Youth work and faith. Debates, delights and dilemmas

Edited by Mark K Smith, Naomi Stanton and Tom Wylie. Russell House Publications 2015. Click for the blurb on Amazon.

Journeying together. Growing youth work and youth workers in local communities

Edited by Alan  Rogers and Mark K Smith. Russell House Press. 2010. Click for Amazon blurb

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